A great on-campus experience

A great on-campus experience

A great on-campus experience

One of the most important events to take place on the campus of Baldwin Women’s Methodist College is Manthan, the institution’s one-day cultural fest. The students eagerly await this occasion every year, since the selected day proves to include a lot of fun events and a great on-campus experience.

Manthan 2012 didn’t disappoint — it proved to be just as spectacular and colourful as the students had expected.

There were a total of eight events as part of the fest, and the students had a lot of choice as to what they would like to participate in. Students from 25 colleges from across the City, including Mount Carmel College and Christ College, among others, turned up in large numbers.

They indulged in quite a few fun and friendly competitions, including a crossword event and a quiz. Artistically-inclined students had a great time during the collage-making and cartooning events, while those who had a talent for dancing were spoiled for choice; they could pick from the solo dance, Indian group dance and Western group dance.

The inauguration of Manthan 2012 was particularly delightful for the students, since there were a few celebrities present as well — actors Karthik J and Sneha, as well as Raj, a radio jockey.

The process of organising Manthan 2012 was an exhilarating one, especially for Nikita Manwani, the president of the college. “It’s been an exciting journey. My team and a few of our teachers went to the colleges personally to drop off the invites, brochures and posters to make sure they would register,” she recalls.

Nikita adds, “We also had to organise who would do registration, who would make a list of the participants and other such tasks. It was a little hectic, but it all paid off.”
There was a lot of excitement on campus when the results were about to be announced, with students from all the colleges expectantly flocking to the various venues.

Ultimately, the solo dance competition went to Christ College, which walked away with the first prize, closely followed by Mount Carmel College and the home college. In the Indian group dance category, Dhristaaksh from Christ College came first, the team from the home college second and ‘The Mango People’ — also from Christ College — a close third.