Tv talk

Tv talk

Revenge of the alter ego

The Mask’ stars Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, Peter Greene, Richard Jeni and Peter Riegert. Stanley (played by Jim Carrey) works for a bank and is a very mild character. His boss and colleagues take advantage of his nature and walk all over him.

But his life changes forever, when he chances upon an ancient mask that grafts itself on to the face of the wearer and changes his personality — giving him superhuman powers. The Mask is the alter ego of Stanley. There is no stopping him as he sets out to avenge all the insults that he has received. That is, until a local mobsters gets to know about his secret. Watch ‘The Mask’ on HBO at 9 pm on
September 26.

An agent or a traitor?

In ‘Salt’, Angelina Jolie plays a CIA agent, Evelyn Salt. Her boss Ted Winter has a lot of faith in her abilities. One day, out of nowhere, a Russian spy gives an important piece of information to the CIA: that an assassin with the name of Evelyn Salt is
going to kill the Russian president on his visit to New York.  Salt is concerned about her husband’s safety and goes on the run. 

Her sudden change in behaviour arouses the suspicion of her colleagues. Who exactly is Evelyn Salt and what is she after? Catch ‘Salt’ on Star Movies at 6.48 pm on September 26 to find out.

In a serious condition

Balika Vadhu airs on Colors at 8 pm on September 26. In tonight’s episode, Kalyani informs Shiv’s family about her mannat at Karni Devi.

After this, the family decides that they have to accompany Anandi.Bhairon comes to hear of a farmer, who has been injured because of Jagya, so he shares this news with Kalyani.

After this, Jagya too finds out that the farmer has been hospitalised and his condition is quite serious. Catch the show to find out what happens next.

Of love and betrayal

Watch Bewafaa on Filmy at 9 am on September 26. In this movie, Kareena Kapoor plays Anjali, who lives in Montreal with her parents.

They are a rich family, while she is in love with the struggling musician Raja
(essayed by Akshay Kumar).

 When her married sister Aarti (Sushmita Sen) comes home for a holiday, she meets Raja and assures Anjali of convincing their parents about their relationship.
But unfortunately, Aarti dies while giving birth to twins.

Anjali is forced to marry her own brother-in-law Aditya, settle in India and take care of the babies. What happens when Raja comes over to Delhi to meet her?

Journey to the end of the world

The Golden Compass’ is set in a parallel universe, in which people’s soul’s walk alongside their bodies in the form of animals.

Lyra (played by Dakota Blue Richards), is a young girl who lives and studies at Jordan College. Lyra’s life changes when her uncle Lord Asriel (Daniel Craig) disappears during an expedition to the far north.

Things get worse when Lyra’s friend Roger (Ben Walker) is kidnapped. Lyra befriends Mrs Coulter (Nicole Kidman), who offers to help her on her journey north. But soon, Lyra realises that Mrs Coulter is not quite what she seems to be. Will Lyra be able to find her uncle and Roger? Catch the movie on WB at 6.45 pm on September 26.