'I would never say that Sehwag is out of form'

'I would never say that Sehwag is out of form'

Michael Hussey, one of the crucial cogs in Australia’s wheel, takes a look at some of India’s key players and the game strategies ahead of their World T20 Super Eight game on Friday.

On the pressure factor: We are coming to a very important stage of the tournament and probably that first game (against India) is very crucial. If we can get to a winning start then it puts us in a good position and gives us a good chance of making it to the semifinal. That first game is massive.

On the strategies against Virat Kohli: I am not exactly sure what our plans are but even if I know I am not going to reveal them. He is obviously in a purple patch in the manner he is playing. Every batsman tends to miss out on some stage and I hope that he is going to miss out (against us).

On Harbhajan Singh:  Of cou-rse, he is going to strengthen the (Indian) team. He is a class act and he has been that for a long period of time and he is someone that we respect. But when you play Twenty20, you got to be aggressive as well and try and put him under pressure. He did a fantastic job the other night but I think we can play (him) better than the English team.

On Virender Sehwag’s patchy form: I would never say that Sehwag is out of form. He can miss out a couple of times but we all know that everytime he misses out he is closer to the next big one. Normally, when he scores big runs, he scores them quickly so I will never say Sehwag is out of form.

Your take on David Hussey not getting a chance in 11?
 It is a tough choice really. You got only 11 players and most often it’s about finding that balance in the side. I would love him in the team, he is a great player, a great T20 player but unfortunately with the balance of the side, he can’t quite fit in. He has been working hard at the nets and if an opportunity arises, he will be ready and going.