You must read this

You must read this

You must read this

Watching Clouds

I like to look up
at the sky
and watch the clouds
go sliding by
I like to see them
large and small
I like to sit and
count them all
I like it then when
they are dark,
before the rain begins
to pour and pour
And I like to see them
shaped like faces
or maps of many
different places

Sankalp S. Shanbhag
IXA (E),
Balmandir High School

My dear teacher
A Teacher is the person who
Helps to make our future shine
Teaching us to respect one and all
And make us fix our goal
Telling us new things with a smile
Makes us go an extra mile
You really sound great
When you talk to us like a classmate
Hats off to you ma'm
You are like a gem!
Have a Happy Day!
You are my dear best friend
Always ready to help me in my need
You are my sweetest teacher
And you are a wonderful art star
I love you very much my dear sister
And lucky to get you as an angel star
I would like to present this poem today
And wish you a very happy Birthday!

Rachana Gadam,
L.E.A.F. program, 7th Standard
Don Bosco School, Chitradurga

The Walk
Our class visited the sea-shore
To search for sea creatures
And a whole lot more
But all we found were
Plastic toys, teddies and cubes
Tin cans, squashed and empty
Crisp paper bags and bottle tops
Polystyrene that will never rot
All this in one afternoon
On the sea-shore
A whole lot of pollution
And not much more

Michelle Walker (7)
(Age category winner) Wondercrump Poetry Poems from the Roald Dahl Foundation, First Poetry Competition

Dear friend
Friend you glowed like a star,
When i was in the darkest room,
In spite of my deepest gloom,
Oh! Friend your presence brightened
my day.
When life moves in  different roads,
many filled with truth and sacrifice,
And many with cheats, menace and
Oh! Friend you showed me the right
path of virtue and love.
When the toughest moment of
life was before me,
When i had given up to chance on my knee, your helping hand gave me courage. Stay with me for ever my friend
you are like a star
out of a constellation called
Dear Friend! may this ship never sink

Sushmitha R 
VII "C" VVSCG School