Overworked rly station masters take out rally

Overworked rly station masters take out rally

The All India Station Masters’ Association took out a rally from the City Railway Station to voice their woes on Wednesday.

Demanding immediate appointment of 19 additional station masters under the Bangalore Division for 72 railway stations, the Association submitted a memorandum to the Divisional Railway Manager (DRM).

The Association, apart from demanding additional station masters, also recommended by the Central Railway Safety Board, has asked the Bangalore Division to implement their weekly rest.

According to the Association, the weekly rest had not been implemented due to staff shortage. The agitating Railway employees said that the management, in spite of reducing the work hours from 12 to eight a day, had been unsuccessful in hiring additional personnel.
This forced the station masters to work 15 to 20 days at a stretch, without a day’s off.

Their other demands include issues related to their promotions and also revoking the suspension of Penukonda station master. The Penukonda station master was suspended for his ‘inaction’ during the Hampi Express accident which led to the death of 25 people.

According to the station masters, the Commissioner for Railway Safety (CRS) had still not proved the primary cause of the accident, while the station master had been given a raw deal.