'Dreamliner' suffers bird hit in B'lore

'Dreamliner' suffers bird hit in B'lore

An Air India Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner’ aircraft (AI 403) suffered a bird hit around 9 am at Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) on Thursday.

The aircraft, which was carrying 127 passengers from New Delhi, was able to make a normal landing and no passenger was hurt, according to an Air India spokesperson.

The spokesperson described the accident as minor because of the aircraft’s exacting standards in excellence. “There are no injuries to the passengers and the aircraft took off for its next trip on schedule.”

Air India currently has two ‘Dreamliners’ in its fleet, even though a total of 27 aircraft have been ordered from Boeing Aircraft in 2006. The two aircraft fly along the New Delhi-Bangalore and New Delhi-Chennai routes.

The 787’s career with Air India experienced less than a stellar start, when its cooling unit failed just before the aircraft’s maiden flight on September 19. The malfunctioning cooling unit delayed takeoff for an hour.