The passion of today's youth

The passion of today's youth

Creative Movement

Recently, a youth-centric creative movement called ‘On Fire’ was started by Fouqia Wajid, with the aim of transforming Bangalore into a cultural hub. Her 45-day project culminated with ‘Gusto 45 Extravaganza’, a cultural bonanza, held at Mount Carmel Auditorium.

The event marked the release of an anthology of short stories called ‘Winds of Change’, the screening of a short film titled ‘Tears of Laugh’ made by project volunteers, the launch of a youth magazine called ‘On Fire’ and the staging of a play, ‘Speak Up’.

“The entire project was aimed at making Bangalore a factory of talent. Different youngsters from various fields — writers, editors, poets, actors, dancers, singers, musicians, directors, photographers, artists and designers — all within the age of 30, came together to innovate and learn. This is the first time that one stage is seeing so many releases in Bangalore,” shared an excited Fouqia.

For those who attended the event, it was an interesting experience to see how the
youth of today are trying to turn their dreams into actualities.

“Without a fire in the belly, an idea cannot become more than just that. Youngsters today are full of passion and self confidence. They now need to look at self esteem, which is achieved keeping values in mind,” advised Ajay Kumar Singh, former director general and IGP, who was present.

There was also a classical dance performance, a short Carnatic music recital, a photography session and a painting exhibition. What is impressive is that all of this has been done within the span of 45 days!
The journey for the youngsters who took part in this project has been memorable and a great learning experience.

“We’ve all been united and it’s acted as a great platform for creativity and passion to come together and take new forms. My personal experience with this project has left me more confident to face every sphere of life,” said Anyesha Mahapatra, one of the volunteers of the project.