'I get a lot of love and respect'

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'I get a lot of love and respect'

Actor Tharun Chandra belongs to the younger breed of Kannada stars, who believe that they should let their work do all the talking. He’s not over-ambitious either.

Tharun wants to experiment with as many different roles as he can. He confesses that every character and every new movie offers him something different and he doesn’t want to become repetitive in his roles.

“I am a director’s actor and am open to being moulded the way the director wants. I would like to explore the actor in me and I am in a phase where I can learn everything about cinema. So why not?” he asks. Tharun is playing a youthful character in Ondu Kshanadalli, with which he says he gets a chance to be himself.

“I play a Delhi-returned young boy, who chooses to settle down in his hometown Mysore. But soon, the question of marriage crops up and the youngster does all he can to dissuade his parents from pursuing it. Most of the movie is about the pranks he plays to
break his marriage. There’s a lot of comedy packed into it,” explains Tharun, who thinks the generation gap that exists between parents and children has been portrayed well in the film.

Tharun is also working on his next project, Padhe Padhe, in which he plays a music composer. “In addition to that, my character is also a responsible lover boy. It’s a story of
love, life and ambition,” he notes.

In another film, titled Snehitharu, Tharun plays one of four friends.
“It’s about four boys  who want to make money and are willing to do just about anything to amass wealth. They get into a lot of trouble in the process. And they each have to deal with their love life, which gets more complicated by the day, as well,” he adds.

Tharun says that he has no restrictions when it comes to acting but he prefers to do roles that suit him.  “A character that is mass-oriented may not suit me,” he shares.          
Tharun is content with Kannada films for now and isn’t looking to try his hand at any other industry.  “I get a lot of love and respect from people here. I am happy with that,” he signs off.

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