State-of-the-art observation area

The Vancouver International Airport now we has a state of the art ‘Public Observation area,’ and one would venture to say, the operative word here is, “art.”  The whole set-up is a work of art, and such a delight to the human eye that it helps the traveller start his/her journey in a wonderful frame of mind.

This observation area, features interactive exhibits, and provides an unobstructed view of the airfields, as well as the Georgia Strait.

It is located in the public, pre-security area of the domestic terminal, and is consequently free for all visitors. Thus the local non-travelling community is offered the chance to experience the workings of this International Airport, and the beauty of the adjoining sea-island.

Art and architecture

The 500 square-metre space features seating for more than 150 visitors
Floating panels suspended from the ceiling are inspired by coastal cloud formations
Floor-to-ceiling windows measuring seven metres tall and 42 metres in length offer expansive, west-facing views of YVR’s busy airfield.

Destination arrows identify the geographic location of some of YVR’s domestic and international destinations

Scale model of Sea Island

Measuring approximately 1.5 metres by 2 metres, the scale model occupies centre stage in the Observation Area and offers a unique, bird's-eye perspective of YVR’s island home. Visitors can learn more about Sea Island’s unique features by reading the information panels that surround the model and by pressing light switches that illuminate key points of interest on the model.

Information panels and telescopes

Seven information panels located along the windows feature facts, photos and diagrams about what might be seen on the airfield and landscape.

The panels answer commonly-asked questions about aviation and YVR operations, such as: how does a plane take flight; what type of aircraft is seen at YVR; and what happens between an aircraft arriving and departing at YVR.

Each panel features aircraft silhouettes to help would-be plane-spotters identify different aircraft at YVR.

Eight complementary telescopes standing at two different heights along the windows ensure accessibility for everyone interested in taking a closer look at airfield activity.

Interactive kiosks

Interactive touch-screen kiosks illustrate various aspects of the YVR story, including jobs at the airport and the past, present and future growth of YVR.

Visitors can also listen to air traffic control communication, follow the journey of their luggage and see where in the world they can fly to, directly from YVR.

BC Explorer

The BC Explorer provides a virtual fly-through of British Columbia using satellite mapping.

Visitors can explore the Province’s (state’s) terrain, rivers and oceans and ‘touch down,’ in different communities, where they can watch a short video about the area.

The BC Explorer is on loan to Vancouver Airport Authority from the Provincial Government.