Channel surfing

Channel surfing

Bringing about a change

Singh is Kinng is about Happy Singh (Akshay Kumar) who lives in a village in Punjab. The people there want to get rid of Happy, as they are thoroughly fed up with his interference in their lives in the name of ‘doing good’.

They send him to Australia to trace Lakhan Singh aka Lucky (Sonu Sood).  Lucky used to live in their village, but shifted to Australia and became a dreaded gangster. The villagers feel that he is spoiling their name in a foreign country and send Happy over to change Lucky. Will Happy succeed in his mission? Tune in to the movie on Filmy at 9.45 pm on September 29 to find out.

The trials of marital life 

Catch ‘License to Wed’ on HBO at 7 pm on September 29. Sadie Jones has always longed to marry the man of her dreams in her family church. Though she has found her lifetime companion in Ben Murphy, Sadie is distressed to learn that St Augustine’s has only one wedding slot available over the next two years — they have to hold their wedding in three weeks. While Sadie and Ben do qualify for the slot, the church’s eccentric minister, Reverend Frank, will not wed the couple until they agree to attend his prenuptial course.

     Now, as their wedding date draws near, Sadie and Ben must follow all of Reverend Frank’s rules, attend his unusual classes, and complete a series of homework assignments designed specifically to irritate one another — in order to get past puppy love and ensure that their union will have a sound foundation.

More controversy in ‘Big Boss’?

If rumours are to be believed, India’s most controversial spiritual leader Swami Nithyananda might be entering the country’s biggest reality show — ‘Bigg Boss’.

 When asked about reports regarding Nithyananda entering ‘Bigg Boss’, hisspokesperson Dale Bhagwagar says, “It is too early to either confirm or deny whether the godman has been approached by the channel for the show.”
Apparently, in their agreements for ‘Bigg Boss’, all participants are bound by a very strong secrecy clause about their entry on the show.

In the face of a disaster

Volcano’ stars Tommy Lee Jones, Anne Heche, Don Cheadle, Gaby Hoffmann, Keith David and John Corbett. Mike Roark is a by-the-book emergency management director who is spending the weekend with his daughter, Kelly. During this time, a previously-unknown volcano erupts. Sassy, brainy scientist Dr Amy Barnes is the first to warn of the threat, which begins by sucking one of her co-workers into a steaming fissure.

As the lava starts to turns into red hot fireballs, Kelly is injured and Mike sends her to the hospital in order to attend to his duties, rescue citizens, and run the city’s emergency response. Eventually, Roark and Barnes team up to battle the eruption. Will they succeed in saving people and stopping the lava? Watch the movie on Movies Now at 6.45 pm on September 29.

Trapped in a loveless marriage

Norbit’ airs on AXN at 10 pm on September 29. His entire life, Norbit (played by Eddie Murphy) has been meek and lovable.

He’s bullied by his wife, an overbearing tyrant who likes to have him wrapped around her little finger.  One day, however, his entire life is turned upside down — when he accidently bumps into the woman of his dreams. Will their love triumph or will Norbit remain in his unhappy marriage for the rest of his life? Catch the movie to find out.