Eating their way to fame

Eating their way to fame

Ladoo lovers from all over the City came together recently at the Orion Mall to participate in the ‘War of Ladoos’. Nine of them  were selected for the competition, in which they had to finish one kilogram of ladoos. The competition was won by Nigerian national  Akinnouye A Emmanuel.

The competition was tough as some participants were professionals and regularly took part in competitions such as this one. “I have taken part in many such competitions, I don’t have a strategy till now but I want to finish at least 10 ladoos.

The organisers have added less sugar so that it is easier for us to eat. I hope I win the competition,” says Nivedith, one of the participants. Professional American football player, Kishore, was all set for the competition and had participated in it for the love of ladoos. “I love eating ladoos and wait for Ganesh Chaturthi to have these. I am looking forward to the competition and hope to finish all of them. I haven’t planned anything yet. My only strategy is to keep my stomach empty. I have skipped lunch so that I can finish all the ladoos,” explains Kishore.

No one expected the shy and small-built Akinnouye A Emmanuel to win the competition. He started gorging on those huge ladoos from the word go. In about three minutes, he finished three and within no time, he swallowed a kilogram of ladoos and was
declared the winner. His consistence and concentration got him the first place, as he finished a kilo of ladoos in five minutes 32 second, the second place was won by Abhishek M B and the third place was won by Kishore Rao.  
Roshan Lobo, another participant, was excited to participate in the competition and it was his first time. “I am here to give my best and have skipped my lunch so that I win the competition. I never thought that eating could be turned into a competition. It’s really exciting. I like sweets and that is what made me participate,” he says.

The contestants were supervised by a doctor. T Tsering, a BPO professional, had also participated in the competition. “I know men are big eaters but they should not underestimate women when it comes to eating. I will try my best to finish the ladoos,” she explains.