Poojary flays BJP over its move on FDI

Poojary flays BJP over its move on FDI

Former union minister Janardhana Poojary strongly criticised BJP national executive committee’s decision of not continuing with FDI in retail if it comes to power. Speaking to news persons in Mangalore on Friday, Poojary alleged that the BJP has double standards on the issue.

The party had assured of introducing 100 per cent FDI in retail sector in its election manifesto and now it is opposing the same. “About 40 per cent of our agriculture products are perishing without proper storage system. Farmers might have introduced to modern agriculture technologies. Senior BJP leader Arun Shourie also opined that BJP should not oppose FDI in retail, but the party has proved that it is against farmers,” he said.

Poojary alleged that opposition parties are not aware of financial benefits of FDI. “BJP says that it had conducted a survey at 6 cities of the nation and collected opinions from 1236 people. It can not be a voice of the nation,” he said.

Reliance, Tata, Wal-Mart and many other companies have already entered into retail sector, but nothing happened to retail shops. “By allowing FDI in retail, foreign companies will invest money in the nation and they will have the responsibility of building infrastructure in rural areas. The process gives employment to youth,” he said. 

State governments have their right to take decisions. Mamata Banerjee is opposing proposal though TMC had FDI implementation as one of the points in their last election manifesto. States like Punjab want FDI in retail. So Mamata Banerjee or BJP don’t have the right to oppose the proposal, he said. Meanwhile, Poojary said that if State BJP government rejects the proposal, it would be a big blow to the State. BJP should remember that not only the Centre, but even the State has the responsibility of protecting the interest of farmers.

Union government needs to take hard decisions while country is facing financial crisis. The opposition parties should understand that FDI in retail rescues farmers from middlemen and it will increase the average purchasing capacity of the customer, he added.