City govt has power to declare status of land, says parl secy

City govt has power to declare status of land, says parl secy

Reacting to a BJP MLA’s query regarding the legality of agricultural land being considered as private land, parliamentary secretary to the chief minister Mukesh Sharma on Friday said an October 2007 notification empowers the state government to declare the status of land.

“As per the notification dated October 5, 2007, it has been stated that agriculture land vested under Gram Sabha as per section 81 would be treated as private land in case government has not taken its possession. It also states if the government has not taken its possession it would not be treated as government land,” said Sharma.

He added, “The oppostion MLAs are misleading people and they should get their facts clear before hurling baseless allegations.”

Delhi government has always accepted colonies which came up on agricultural land as colonies on private land and no one should have any doubts about it, he added.

‘Colonies on private land’

The parliamentary secretary said property transactions have been allowed in respect of the about 350 colonies  which have been accepted by the urban development department as colonies on private land.

“However, the remaining colonies where property transactions have not yet been allowed, may not be treated as colonies that came up on government land,” said Sharma.

“The government is working swiftly to determine status of lands in respect of the remaining unauthorised colonies out of 895 colonies notified as authorised colonies,” added  Sharma.

He also clarified that as per government’s policy the land for which awards have been announced for acquisition but the possession remains with the landlord would be treated as private land.

The revenue department has to submit a colony-wise report on status of lands. After receiving the report, the government would take colony-wise action, he said.

Special camps

The South Delhi Municpal Corporation on Friday started special camps to sort out complaints related to sanctioning of building plans.

In presence of the concerned officers from building department at the headquarters and the zonal offices, the officials approved 60 cases of requests for building plans, compl-
etion certificates and regularisation of properties at thecamps.

The camps will be held on Saturday as well at the headquarters in Civic Centre and also in the zonal offices.