Ivory tower snootishness

Ivory tower snootishness

There is a certain snobbery among intellectuals. Because they proficient in a particular field, they exhibit élan with such ease that we must forgive their pride. It’s simply their practiced expertise that makes them the exponent.

A famous singer will delight over the accoustic flexibility of his voice. An acclaimed writer will extend perception beyond the discernment of the reader. The sculptor will whittle the piece to his imagination and imprint the acceptance as unenthused before.

They signify evolved minds coupled with talent and leaning of a kind only intellectualism can capture. How do these souls reach there, whilst the rest of us mundane creatures appear puzzled? Just as brave warriors reach the battlefield, politicians foray into mass manipulation, as do the yogis scale the Himalayas.

What then is important? Timing! Mozart received early recognition, but his restlessness got him very little monetary benefits for his prodigious talent. Jane Austen begot literary acclaim, but none reached her personally, because she chose to write under a pseudonym. Michelangelo garnered an elite place for himself during Renaissance when art and culture flourished.

Talent is appreciable when time and acceptance of it is specified to be right. Common people make for the appreciation of any highly skilled work or ability. This philosophy seems a little contradictory. One may ask how expertise and talent can be adjudged by the common man. Well, therein lies the quandaries of the likes of Mohammed bin Tuglaq and his experiments with coinage! What is not acceptable to society is not talent.
Politicians may not be talented, but, sinuous, crafty in the art of influencing the masses. In the way they whip up mass hysteria and singular following of ideology. Politicians make news and then debate over their ability or ineptitude of having brought on the situation and belie the screaming media effectively, pulling all strings.

Shashi Tharoor has a long way to go before he learns the ropes of being a politician. It’s the goose and the gander story. Witticism may go well in diplomatic circles but will pale in the domestic arena amidst the passé. Intellectualism has already been greatly impoverished by political misrepresentation. What is left must be garnered for the future. Very few have the understanding of web language. Besides who is looking to be amused when most are hungry for a square meal? Not until the cows come home.