Rs 2,500 to lift a tonne of garbage

Rs 2,500 to lift a tonne of garbage

The apartments, which fall under the category of bulk generators, may have to pay at least Rs 2,500 per tonne of garbage if they want the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to take away their waste.

The apartments with more than 10 units fall under the category of bulk garbage generators and as per the existing rule, they will have to dispose of their waste at their own cost. According to the Palike officials, this rule was in place for many years but the BBMP never insisted the apartment dwellers to manage their garbage at their level.
Now that the garbage crisis is lurking the entire City, the BBMP is reminding the apartment owners to spend from their pocket for garbage disposal.

No fee fixed

A Palike officer said no fee had been fixed at present to collect garbage from the apartments but the discussion was on about garbage collection charge.

In the present situation, the BBMP's expenditure on garbage is about Rs 2,500 per tonne. The same may be collected from the apartment owners after two months.

However, people living in the flats have the option of converting wet waste into compost or biogas, which could be utilised in the garden of their gated community.
The Palike would impart training to those willing to take up the task.