Officers face music from TP prez

Dismal performance in NREGS, laxity in discharging legitimate duties attract ire

avolley of questions: Taluk Panchayat president Udayashankar speaking at the progress review meeting held in Kolar on Thursday. Vice-president T V Jayalakshmi and Executive Officer A Manjunath are seen.  dh photo

Responding to the submission of Sericulture Department officer that as many as 4,000 applications have been received seeking subsidy for sowing mulberry crops, the president said that there are thousands of sericulturists in the taluk and very few applications have been received owing to poor publicity given for the programme. He was further agitated by the reply of the officer who hoped that 20-30 applications might be received in few days.

“Union government is ready to provide grants to the tune of crores of rupees to take up works under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. Unfortunately, no projects are being formulated under the scheme,” a visibly angry president remarked.
Observing that a sum of Rs 25 crore has been spent under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Mulbagal taluk, the Taluk Panchayat president directed to formulate Rs 10 lakh project in each Gram Panchayat limits and involve farmers in the exercise.

Information sought
Executive Officer Manjunath directed to furnish detail information on all the projects formulated in the Department, the implementation of such projects in the taluk and complete data on the expenditure incurred.
It was the turn of Social Welfare Department officer to face the ire of the president. “Students are bringing vegetables and firewood at the hostel in Ammanallur. A woman, instead of the designated staff is cooking the food. Is this proper?,” he questioned. Directing to obtain the services of the teachers in the nearby school on deputation, he said that all steps should be taken to maintain the hostels without causing any trouble to students.

 The officer of Backward Classes Department too was not spared. The president directed officers of both the departments to conduct separate meetings October 5 and submit a report on the problems faced by them.
Training his guns against the  Taluk Health Officer Narayanaswamy, the Taluk Panchayat president expressed displeasure that the Health Department has failed in treating the people injured in bee attack on Ramzan Day.
 Even though rules stipulate that hospital staff should work half day on holidays, there were no doctors at SNR hospital on that day. “With this style of functioning, now you are out to tender resignation,” he chided.

“You will go to private nursing homes after resigning and run clinics. It is the poor who will be put into hardship. You certainly will fail if you resign from your job,” he cautioned.
Reacting to the disclosure by Labour Inspector that 36 instances of child labour have been registered in the last three years, the president questioned the veracity of the numbers. He expressed surprise over just 36 instances in a span of three years. “Instead of inspecting petrol bunks where few people work, go to factories. Check on the problems of women there. Going on inspection and returning with the ‘mamool’ is not the duty,” he castigated.

Cleanliness at workplace
Agricultural assistants are not visiting villages regularly to enlighten farmers. The office building in Vemagal has been closed three years ago itself. “Instead of using that building is it proper to ask Nirmiti Kendra for construction of new building?” he questioned. Recalling that the office was not well-maintained during his recent visit, he asked the officers to ensure cleanliness at the workplace, he directed the officer from Fisheries Department.

The officer from the Industries Department was asked to formulate schemes that would benefit women and enable them to become entrepreneurs. He noted that the programmes designed so far benefits men only.
Vice-president T V Jayalakshmi was present in the meeting.

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