'Men don't have ego problems'

It’s celebration time for actor Tharun, for two of his films Snehitharu and Ondu Kshanadalli have released on the same day. Tharun is both nervous and excited. He is playing very contrasting characters in both the films and hopes that people will appreciate his hard work.

In Snehitharu, Tharun who is working with Vijay Raghavendra after a long time — says, “Vijay hasn’t changed at all since the last time we worked together. We got along pretty well and it was nice to get together and recall the good old days.”

Snehitharu traces the story of four friends — Tharun, Vijay Raghavendra, Ravi Shankar and Srujan Lokesh all from the slums, who dream of making it big someday. “The four boys want to make money and are willing to do just about anything to manage that. They get into a lot of trouble in the process. All four guys fall in love with the same girl. That’s the twist in the tale,” Tharun adds.

Tharun mentions that the four men had a great time during the shooting of Snehitharu, both on and off the screen. “Men don’t have any ego problems, so there’s a lot of bonding that happened during the shoot. And it was imperative for the four of us to get to know each other really well — this strengthened the chemistry between us. In fact, after a long day’s shoot, we would hang out and party together,” says Tharun, who adds that there are not less than 40 supporting actors in the movie.

And in Ondu Kshanadalli, Tharun plays the role of a young man whose fear of marriage and commitment gets the better of him. His character tries all kinds of stunts to break the marriage his parents have arranged for him. Tharun has almost completed the shooting for Padhe Padhe too, in which he plays a music composer.

The actor confesses that this is the first time that two of his films have released on the same day. “I have never had two releases on the same day before. I am a little nervous, but I am hoping for the best,” he says.

And when it comes to flops, Tharun states that it takes him a while to digest the fact that his film hasn’t done well. “It’s not easy for me, but I try and understand what went wrong and make an effort not to repeat the same mistake,” he sums up.

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