Piping hot short eats

Piping hot short eats

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This 63-year-old eatery, near Uma Theatre, is a hot favourite among many who reside near Chamrajapet. Customers, who frequently visit the place, believe that a meal is not complete without taking a dig at the many accompaniments that Sree Gururaja Khara Stall offers. More popularly known as the Bonda Shop, this place is famous for its hot and crispy bondas and pakodas.

Maintaining high order hygiene, H V Raghavendra, the proprietor, of the stall, says, “It was a venture started off by my parents, who wanted to provide some savouries for the localities here and since then the recipes have been passed on.” With fresh oil being used every day, the frying of ‘bondas’ starts once the sun sets.

Some of the regular bajji-bondas are the allu bonda, capsicum bajji, raw banana bajji, onion masala bonda, heerekai bajji, and brinjal bajji. Apart from this, their speciality is mirchi bajji. “We have a special masala mix for this bajji which has proved to be an instant hit,” he says. Even though there is no seating space, majority of the people who come here prefer to parcel the items for home, but one must make sure to be there by 6.30 pm as most of the items get sold fast. “There have been times when we have run out of vegetables for the bondas and we would have to run to the market to buy more due to increase in demand,” says Raghavendra.

While the evening menu is filled with the fried items, in the morning the store opens with other accompaniments. Apart from the bondas, the place is also known for its holiges and ambode. Serving three kinds of holiges, namely, belle holige, kai holige and sakare holige, it is something that customers indulge in during the festival time. Other snacks that are available at the store are chakuli, kodbale, and a sweet biscuit that they bake in the place itself. Though they don’t have any main food items, they do have the masala powders like the bissibelebath powder, rasam and sambar powder, which are all home made.

Other highlights are the fifteen types of pickles and four to five types of mixtures. Open all seven days of the week, this is one place foodies should not miss.