Rare birds' annual trip to Mavinakere tank

Rare birds' annual trip to Mavinakere tank

Winged visitors

Little Cormorants, Gadwall ducks and other rare species of birds that have arrived at the historical Mavinakere tank here. Their arrival has presented bird lovers with a treat. One can hear unique sounds of birds, as one passes the tank.

Though the birds have flocked to the tank in large numbers, the spirit of bird enthusiasts this year had been low.

As Mavinakere tank is polluted and as parts of the tank are being used as a dumpyard, bird enthusiasts have had a tough time seeing birds. Unable to bear sweltering temperatures, birds have been migrating to Mavinakere tank, Manchalapura tank, Haaru Budhi Honda and Maliyabad tank in the district.

These birds reside in the region between October and January. “If the pollution of the tank is not checked, it may affect the migratory pattern of the birds,” said a bird lover.