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Tribute to a teacher

Sundara Prakashana’ of Gowri Sundar published their 200th book “Swara Sadhakaru”, last week. After releasing the book, R K Padmanabha, senior vocalist gave a vocal recital, accompanied by M S Govindaswamy on violin, C Cheluvaraj on Mridanga and Vishwanath Nakod on Thabala. He sang a song composed by himself as a tribute to Prof G Venkatasubbaiah, on the eve of his 100th year birthday. The lyric “Namisona banni Shathayu Sri Venkatasubbaiah Gurugalige” was prefaced with the alapana of Kalyani.

Earlier, he opened the concert with an infrequent stanza on Saraswathi, by Kumaravyasa, which was a welcome change from the routine invocatory pieces. Then a meaningful composition of Tyagarja “Mokshamugalada” in the raga Saramthi.
“Samaganapriya” – was another fine selection.

While the composition “Enthaveduko” had a vintage flavour, the “Bhavalayada kadava therasi” was in the raga Sindhubhairavi. He also sang a Ugabhoga “Ninna padi pogaluva” of Saint Vadiraja, with good feeling. With his rich concert experience and good voice R K Padmanabha, captivated the audience.

3 different vocal recitals

Shankar Shanbog is a popular singer, composer and teacher. In his concert for the Garden Youth Friends’ Association, Malleswaram, on Saturday, he presented ‘devaranama’ and folk songs, apart from Bhavageethe, accompanied by Vasanth Kumar Kumble on keyboard, Ramesh Kumar on Thabala and Arun on Rhythm pad. The shloka “Ajam nirvikalpam nirakara” of Shankaracharya gave Shankar’s concert a pleasant start.

The invocatory piece “Gajamukhane siddidayakane” of Vyasarayaru was followed by a lyric of Kuvempu “Thanuvu ninnadu manavu ninnadu”. After “Ilidu baa thaaye”, popular song of D R Bendre, “Shravana banthu ksadige” pleased the gathering. “Pillangoviya chelva Krishnana” is a good devotional and “Kodagana koli nungitha” of Shishunala Sharief is another well-known song.

Shankar’s singing technique, involvement and voice modulation brought out the mood of each song, without indulging in musical gimmicks. “Indu na hadidaru andinanthe kullitu” (Dr G S Shivarudrappa) in “Vilamba Kaala” was sung with good feeling and “Lokada kannige raadheyu kuda” (Dr H S Venkatesha Murthy), “Ninna nati …… Manju” (Dr G P Rajaratnam), “Deepava ninnade” (Dr K S Narasimha Swamy) – were also enjoyable while the ‘Kurigalu Sir Kurigalu”, attracted with its satirical tone.

Folk music

The Ranga Samstana conducted a unique programme in the City last week. Selected folk songs were taught to young aspirants and concerts were conducted in different parts of Bangalore for five days.

In the current ‘Rutugana Sangeetha Utsava’ young, upcoming artistes also joined the seniors to perform. In the opening programme at the Hombegowda Pre-University College, Dr Banandur Kempaiah opened his vocal recital with “Hogaiah nanna thavarurige”.

With his rich voice and lively presentation, he also sang “Bidiru nanyarigadavalu”. The “Jaya Bharatha jananiya tanujathe” was the choice of Bangalore Youth Choir.

They also sang neatly a composition of Dr K V Srinivas, “Kannada endare bari nudi alla”, under the direction of Dr Kaveri Sridhar. The session concluded with the presentation of a few folk songs by the Ranga Samsthana members. “So enniro Shobane enniro” is usually sung by the relatives of bridegroom to tease bride and his kin.

Under the leadership of Bandlahalli Vijayakumar, they also sang “Mahadeswara” in unison.

Vasant Kumar Kumble on keyboard and Raghavendra Joshi and Shashidhar on percussion instruments supported the vocalists.

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