Modern women have no love for tying the knot

Modern women have no love for tying the knot

Changing mindset

Modern girls are increasingly sceptical about the idea of marriage – in stark contrast to boys.

Just one in five girls in the UK count getting married as important, while one in three believe that wedded couples make better parents, a new study has found.

However, almost half of boys still believe marriage is the right place to bring up children.

While traditionally the institution has been seen as more important to women, the conventional view seems to be changing, the Daily Mail reported. The study on 1,200 girls and young women - and 600 boys and young men - aged seven to 21 from across the UK found that more boys, 56 per cent, are now viewing marriage as the best kind of relationship, compared to 46 per cent girls.

The survey found that while female respondents still valued family and marriage, they did not see it as the definition of success.

Almost three in five girls said they defined success as being confident and independent.

Girls could still see that they were advantages to be gained from following the traditional route.

Seven in ten girls said they thought that some types of families such as single parents, same-sex parents or parents who are not married are treated less fairly than married couples with children.

“Young women today have strong opinions, and some of these are very different from the boys,” Chief, Girl Guiding association, Gill Slocombe said.

“They believe they have it better than their mothers’ generation and they prize their independence and education. Girls still value family and marriage but they clearly do not see this as the absolute definition of success.

Married couples in UK ‘will bein minority by 2050’: Report

Married couples in the UK will be reduced to a minority by the year 2050, a new report has claimed, reports PTI from London.

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) in the UK found that marriage was increasingly the preserve of the middle and upper classes, while only about 50 per cent of new parents on low incomes were married.

According to the think tank, by 2050, families headed by married couples will be in the minority, The Telegraph reported. The CSJ also criticised the David Cameron led coalition government, formed in 2010, on it’s failure to do more to tackle family breakdown.

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