Model UN calls for nuclear disarmament

Model UN calls for nuclear disarmament

First day proceedings reflect humanitarian concerns

After some ‘private’, the delegate from South Africa pointed out that a nuclear war was no solution and proposed all nations to follow its example and dismantle their nuclear weapons.

This was the outcome of the day-one proceedings of Manipal United Nations Summit’s General Assembly.

In the Security Council, many delegates contested Sudan President Omar Bashir’s ICC warrant, on grounds that it could hamper the peace process in Sudan. The Legal Committee started off with a a solemn note with a minute of silence for the recent tsunami victims. The committee later discussed the importance of a legal framework to regulate humanitarian intervention in a state’s sovereignty and that military intervention should not be the last resort. It was also stressed that intervention should also take place in the form of relief material, rehabilitation and reconstruction. USA and UK were left out of the council for the reason that they are biased.

The proceedings at Historic Security Council simulated the UN Security Council meet on 2nd August 1990. In the light of invasion by Iraqi forces, the UNSC, on request of the Kuwaiti representative had held a meeting to discuss the ongoing war. The council unanimously sympathised with Kuwait.