B C Patil and Ashwini in ‘Salute’.

Alas, ‘Salute’ has released too late. Assembly elections are still a faraway dream. Or may be, the election commission would have had something to say about it.

Taking a policeman-fighting-against-the-politician-underworld-nexus story to new heights, Patil decorates the plot with naked ambition, packing it with good intentions. But these things do not impress an audience that is sated by films from  the Saiprakash-Saikumar-Thriller Manju combo. Poor execution, weak dialogues and cramming in too many elements, does the film in.

Director’s lack of homework shows throughout the film; Rachna Morya’s ‘item performance’ and the ‘comedy’ track kill an already somnolent story. Lack of discreet spending is the final nail on the coffin. Some dialogues (connection cut, generator phat) evoke derision.

Dubbing artistes pile up more misery. The silver lining is Sai Karthick, who gives a decent background score and the pleasant Jayant Kaikini song.
‘Salute’ is another instance of haste bringing waste.