Daddy Cool

Daddy Cool

Director Aashiq Abu makes his debut, telling the tale of a doting, dapper dad, who is a pushover for his pampered son. There is no second thought for the father (Mammootty as Antony Simon), when his son (Dhananjay as Aadi) provokes him for any escapade.

Antony is expected to be a responsible Crime Branch police officer. But the duo’s easy-going ways and craze for cricket take their toll on his job.
Model and actress Richa Pallod (as Annie), the dutiful wife of the undutiful cop, tries hard to clear the mess at home.

The adventurous tryst of the father and son with cricketer Sreekanth (Govind Padmasurya) soon earn them fame and help the dad, who is under suspension, to resume duties. Old freakishness continues and Antony at times becomes the butt of mockery for his colleagues.

The plot thickens after a shootout scene, when the swanky hero feels that his blind love for son has made a clod of him.

Then comes the clichéd kidnapping scene, gun toting villains and the final ‘battle’.
Biju Menon fits well into the role of a gentle officer with presence of mind and pairs well with Radhika, who is cast as Annie’s sister.

Annie’s dialogue is not dubbed gracefully but the character sports ebullience. Dhananjay finds it hard to deliver lengthy dialogues at some instances, and they sound too wordy for the little boy.

Music with pop overtones has nothing that can arrest our attention.  
Though the movie is short of a strong story line, it could be fun for children. So do not think too much, be cool and watch ‘Daddy Cool’, especially all the ‘chilled out’ dads and sons!