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Mission to steal the bride

Made of Honor’ stars Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan, Kevin McKidd, Kathleen Quinlan, Sydney Pollack and Chris Messina. This romantic comedy revolves around Tom and Hannah, who have been platonic friends for 10 years. He’s a serial dater, while she wants marriage but hasn’t found Mr Right yet. Just as Tom is starting to think that he is relationship material after all, Hannah gets engaged. When she asks Tom to be her ‘maid’ of honour, he reluctantly agrees just so he can attempt to stop the wedding and woo her. Catch the movie on October 10 at 8 pm on Zee Studio.

Love in an impossible situation

Watch ‘Julie’ on Filmy at 12 pm on October 10. Julie is the eldest daughter of Morris (played by Om Prakash), who is a train driver.

They are a close-knit Anglo-Indian family. When Julie meets her friend Usha’s brother Shashi, she falls in love with him. With Usha’s encouragement, she meets him quite often and he falls for her too. They get quite close during the holidays and Vikram goes back to college. Julie gets pregnant and confesses this to her mother.

Her mother sends her away to an aunt to give birth to the baby in secret. The child is given away for adoption. On returning, Julie meets Shashi and tells him about the baby. He decides to marry her and takes her over to meet his mother — but his mother is of a different opinion. Will Julie ever be able to live with Shashi and her baby as a family?

When things get funny

Two and a Half Men’ airs on Star World at 11 pm on October 10. In this episode of the fun-filled series, Charlie’s month-long relationship is threatened, when his girlfriend asks him to spend the night at her place for a change. Charlie, who is so set in his ways that he resents any deviation from his normal routine, isn’t sure whether he can handle this upheaval. In the meantime, Alan is forced to ground Jake for teasing some school girls in the bus.

Quest to save his homeland

Eragon’, directed by Stefen Fangmeier, stars Ed Speleers, Sienna Guillory and Jeremy Irons.

The movie revolves around a farm boy, whose life changes incredibly when he stumbles upon a dragon egg. Before he knows it, he is on a journey — his destiny is to save his homeland, Alagaesia, against the evil ruler Galbatorix.

Tune in to the movie on Star Movies at 10.57 pm on October 10.

It’s man versus beast

What happens when man is pitted against nature — and in particularly, one of nature’s most feared predators: the crocodile.  A bunch of passengers aboard a commercial flight are forced to find out, when the place in hijacked.

 It crashes into the Mexican wilderness and although the passengers initially think they’re alone, they are anything but — the marsh hides a 30-foot-long crocodile, hungry for both the stranded as well as the rescuers.  Catch ‘Crocodile II: Death Role’ on HBO at 5 pm on October 10.

Peek at some interesting weaponry

Frontline Battle Machines with Mike Brewer’ airs on Discovery Science at 10 pm on October 10. In this show, presenter Mike Brewer heads to the frontline in Afghanistan to test high-tech British and American weaponry and equipment being used in the fight against the Taliban. Follow Mike as with the full co-operation of the UK Ministry of Defense, he gains unrestricted access to Camp Bastion and Kandahar Air Base, revealing the latest combat vehicles and equipment, such as the SA80 Rifle, the Apache attack helicopter and Mastiff armoured six-wheeled truck.

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