Arti and Darshan in ‘Abhay’.

A terrified girl runs away from marriage only to land with a thump beside the villain and his henchmen. The hero follows to rescue his damsel in distress...
The name of writer Janardhan Maharshi is enough to figure out what ‘Abhay’ is all about. Scenes from a film here and a film there are snipped, pasted and painted with local lingo to suit ‘nativity’.

But for those, who do not watch films in other languages and are ignorant of the literary scene, ‘Abhay’ is a massive mass entertainer, with all the masala ingredients.
However, when the man at the helm is Mahesh Babu, it can safely be said that the amount of vulgarity is less as the director has chopped off unnecessary frills.
The result is therefore passable but a veritable treat to Darshan fans. The actor braves constantly changing hairstyles and a tight storyline to acquit himself well. Omprakash Rao’s comedy is passable. Pradeep Rawat bludgeons his way through wooden expressions and a difficult language to present a picture of menace.

The others are dwarfed by these three. Arti Saasur is pleasing to the eye. Harikrishna’s tune echoes ‘Hey Paro!’, but is bolstered by Ramesh Babu’s good camerawork. Finally, all that lingers is the climax action sequence, which seems to spoof Hanuman’s visit to Ashokavana - the scriptwriter has replaced Hanuman with Rama, however.

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