Kejriwal fires more salvos against Vadra

Kejriwal fires more salvos against Vadra

Accuses Haryana govt of favouring Vadra-DLF nexus

Kejriwal fires more salvos against Vadra

Anti-corruption activist Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday stepped up his campaign against Robert Vadra, son-in-law of UPA chairperson and Congress president Sonia Gandhi, alleging that the Congress government in Haryana had favoured real estate company DLF in several land deals. 

Kejriwal came out with more documentary proof which purportedly reveals deals between Vadra and the realty company. Kejriwal disclosed that Vadra was given 50 per cent of shareholding which he returned to the company within one year in 2008-09. The government of Bhupinder Singh Hooda transferred panchayat and government land to the firm and changed use permissions.

DLF, however, denied the charges calling them a “bunch of lies.” The Congress held that Kejriwal was out to gain publicity. Corporate Affairs Minister M Veerappa Moily said, "From our records, we do not find any irregularities.”

Kejriwal on Friday released documents to say that Vadra amassed property and got unsecured interest free loans from DLF. On Tuesday, he alleged that this deal was done to get benefits from the Haryana government.

Addressing a crowded press conference, Kejriwal said prima facie there “is strong evidence (against Vadra)” and demanded a probe by a retired Supreme Court judge into the business relationship between Vadra and DLF. Kejriwal wanted a FIR filed against Vadra.

The India Against Corruption activist also sought a white paper on the favours the Haryana government had granted to DLF. “The white paper will show that the transactions between DLF and Robert Vadra is not a transaction between friends, but a consideration for the favours showered upon the realty company by the Haryana government.”

Kejriwal alleged that the Haryana government in December 2006 allowed DLF to use for its special economic zone a 30-acre plot which was earmarked for a hospital. The decision was reversed by the Punjab and Haryana High Court which passed strictures against the state government, observing, “There was a nexus between the government and the respondent (DLF Ltd) to grab the land in question.”

Kejriwal alleged that in 2008, Vadra’s company North India IT Parks Pvt Ltd acquired almost 50 per cent of DLF SEZ Holdings Pvt Ltd, a year after its incorporation in 2007. However, in 2009, this was sold back to the DLF group. Kejriwal wanted to know the price at which shares were purchased and sold, what role did Vadra play in that one year when the DLF SEZ was in his control.

Kejriwal alleged another scam involving DLF and the Haryana government over 350 acres. The state government gave this land to DLF without getting permissions from state and Central authorities as 275 acres of that land was for forest and plantation purposes. The state government assumed the responsibility of seeking the required permissions.

Kejriwal said the Haryana government, to make it legal, invited international bids and alleged that bids from Country Heights and Unitech were not just never opened, but were rejected on technical ground of lacking experience of developing golf courses.

Kejriwal also produced a group of farmers from Manesar who alleged that in 2009, the Harayna government issued a notice for acquisition of land. The farmers made distress sales to DLF to save themselves from cheap land acquisition. When the land was sold, acquisition proceedings were cancelled.

The anti-graft activist also dismissed the denials of DLF to his earlier charge that unsecured loan was issued to Vadra and that the properties sold to him were not in order. Kejriwal cited balance sheets filed by Vadra’s companies and showed contradictions in DLF’s claim. He said the documents showed that the company had issued a Rs 85-crore loan. Kejriwal added that he had quoted the figure as Rs 65 crore.

All guns blazing

* Kejriwal demands white paper on favours showered on DLF by Haryana govt
* Cites contradictions in DLF’s claim on unsecured loan to Vadra
* Says realty major issued Rs 85-crore loan to him
* Parades farmers from Manesar who allegedly made a distress sale of their land to DLF after being duped by Haryana govt
* Alleges land scam of 350 acres involving DLF and Haryana govt

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