Tom Hanks praises Aamir Khan's work for society

Tom Hanks praises Aamir Khan's work for society

Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks has praised actor Aamir Khan for his work towards the Indian society.

Aamir has been actively involved with fighting social taboos through his recently concluded show "Satyamev Jayate".

"I really admire the work that Aamir Khan is doing in India. Very few celebrities take the initiative of coming forward to change the society and he has done a remarkable job. It's the 'giving-back' that's tough.

"Aamir seems to understand the influencing power of being a celebrity and is using it to act as a catalyst for change in society, something that definitely deserves both appreciation and support from all quarters," Hanks said in a statement here.

The "Castaway" star got to know about Aamir's work from TIME magazine article that had highlighted Aamir's active role in bringing about social change in India.

Hanks will soon be seen in new film "Cloud Atlas" opposite Halle Berry and Huge Grant. It will release in India on October 26.