Artwork exhibiting human existence

Artwork exhibiting human existence

Spandan, an exhibition of artworks by artist Sangeeta Singh mostly oil on canvas and an installation were displayed recently in the City. Exhibiting the collection around a diverse range of themes, her artworks entailed a range of ideas and emotions, focusing on a different aspect of human existence.

One of the elements in Sangeeta’s art was the stray street dog. It was her attempt to capture the plight of the creature that wanders around the city, in search of some food to eat or a shade to relax. Another theme was on the rickshaw-puller ‘Chal Chala Chal’ with their own shadow, as he roams across the dust-laden roads. The rikhshaw series essays the life of a rikhshaw wala who is forced to make the journey away from his family and home to the new areas only to make a living out of it.

“These are all my own experiences which I face in my daily life. The dogs, rickshaw walas are part of my life as I encounter them everyday,” said Sangeeta.

Talking about another painting which highlighted hands and eyes, Sangeeta explained, “I use a lot hand and eye movement to explain my point and art. So, I took my inspiration from this and made this painting symbolising the movements.”

Another series was on her motherly instincts ‘come to play’, featuring children’s parks and swings. “The snakes, ladders and crossword in the paintings, the games people play innocently for fun are set alongside adult hands protruding out from the side to denote children as they come of age,” said Sangeeta.

Incorporating her self experience with her family members, Sangeeta also has few painting dedicating to his son where one can see a fying gown and a wing of an aeroplane. “I made this one when my son went aboard to study. The gown is a metaphor for feminity and the plane’s wings shows that my son is parting ways with me.”

Lastly, some of the other works with open bags and birds flying away from them were prompted by her son’s departure from home for further studies, signifying the reality of life as children leave the nest to face the big world.