Get started on the seven steps to success

Get started on the seven steps to success

Did you know that achievers, toppers and successful people follow a seven step pathway known as the Achievement Process? Here is a round-up of this seven step process to success.

* Dream your way to success: The first of the seven steps is to dream and to dream big. To dream, one must have the burning desire to achieve. Desires are critical since they direct and push the individual to attain the goal at any cost. All high end achievers have a burning desire to go after their set goals.

* Set clear, focused goals: The second step in the achievement process is to chalk out clear, focused goals. Whether it is physical, mental, spiritual, family, career or financial, high flyers have clear set goals. They are sure of what they want to become, where they want to go and what they want to achieve. Moreover, they are very clear about the deadlines. Goals are meaningless without time. A deadline forces your subconscious mind to go after the goals thereby indirectly goading the system to achieve the goals in a given time frame.

* Understand your true self: It is not enough to dream and set goals. It is equally important to have a master evaluation system to understand our strengths and weaknesses. Successful individuals understand what their strengths are. They also hold clear answers to questions like, ‘do I have enough strengths?’ i.e., ‘do I have the right skills and abilities to achieve my goal?’ and ‘do I need to sharpen or enrich these?’

* Cultivate an unquestionable belief in yourself and your goal: Successful individuals believe that they have it in them to realise their goals. This very strong belief in their abilities lays the foundation for realising their goals in life. This not only gives them enormous confidence about themselves and their goals, it also helps them to stay motivated.

* Act on your goals: Once goals are set, it is time to act on them consistently. Seasonal action will not help. Action must be perennial-round the year-round the clock. Ever heard of top athletes training for a few months and then vacationing for the rest of the year? If you want to be an achiever, do not work on your goals in spurts; rather have a consistent go at it.

* Overcome obstacles to performance: If you want to succeed you must learn to overcome the three greatest barriers to performance, namely fear, doubt and procrastination. Fear and doubt can kill every viable idea and dream and paralyse you to inaction. By procrastinating you may end up postponing the job on hand which may never get done.

* Finally, take corrective action: On the road to performance and achievement, achievers evaluate their performance regularly never failing to ask a few simple questions like, “Am I doing things right? Is there something wrong? Can I do things better?”Evaluate whether there is a need to improve or go slow. You must continuously monitor your progress and assess whether you are in the right direction or whether there is a need for change.

These are the simple seven steps to success. Step on them and you will soon see that you are climbing your way to success.

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