For some practical experience

For some practical experience

Industrial visits are generally considered to be helpful for students, as they allow them to gain practical knowledge of the subject that they are studying.

 The students of Seshadripuram Degree College in an ice cream factory during the industrial visit.

The commerce students of Seshadripuram Degree College had such an opportunity recently — a much-awaited visit to a couple of factories was organised by the college and the excitement among the students was quite apparent.

The students visited various ice cream and cold-drink factories in Mandya. “It was a wonderful opportunity and we learnt about the different processes that are involved in converting raw materials into finished products,” says Sanat, a BCom student.

They also got a peek at the practical side of operating these industries. “We learnt a lot through this trip. More than anything, we had fun going to the venue along with our classmates. It was a great opportunity to learn as well as interact with fellow students and industry professionals,” adds Sanat.

Students were overwhelmed to see the latest technologies that have been adopted by the industries. “We were surprised to see the kinds of technology that these industries are using now. Some of them use highly-improved technology and there is no wastage, right from the raw material stage to the finished product. Even the by-products are put to use,” explains Pattison, one of the students who went for the visit.

After a hectic trip, the students were finally able to relax at the ice cream factory — not only did they observe the various ways of production, they were also treated to some mouth-watering ice creams. Aspects like the storage techniques, waste management and production were shown to them by experts in the field.

“It was a great experience for all of us, as we got to see things first-hand. Not only did we get an opportunity to see the technical aspects of the industry, we were also shown their business strategy and how the products are marketed. We would definitely like to have more such visits in the future, as they increase our exposure and knowledge,” says Deepak, another student.

Students felt that this sort of industrial exposure turns out to be helpful in the future, as they get to learn things which are not mentioned in the course books.