Rio to host 2016 Olympics

Rio to host 2016 Olympics

The mere presence of the world’s most powerful man was ample indication of the seriousness of the affair and in the end, Rio de Janeiro pipped Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago as the Olympic Games, for the first time, headed for South America.
Not that it was a cakewalk.

Honolulu-born Obama himself was here to bolster Chicago’s bid, defying criticism of his political adversaries who were quick to remind that healthcare, the Afghanistan war and the financial meltdown should have been the President’s priority.

Obama, however, looked unperturbed and the lone agenda during his five-hour trip to the Danish capital was to wax eloquence on why the Games should go to Chicago. “I never really had any roots until I came to Chicago and discovered this most American of cities. It is a rich tapestry of neighbourhoods. If you choose us, we walk this path together,” he said.

First lady Michelle Obama had not left any stone unturned either. A Chicago native, she had been camping here since Wednesday, attending meetings after meetings to ensure there was no last-minute slip-up.

“You cannot take any vote for granted. Nobody makes the decision until they’re sitting there,” she insisted.