Good start to a healthy day

Good start to a healthy day

Good start to a healthy day

Breakfast is the most important meal in a day, and so say most experts but it is also true that this is most often the missed meal. But those who do give time to the first meal of the day, prefer to have a holistic one. The conventional breakfast may include parathas, sandwiches and roti-sabzi too. But cornflakes, a long time favourite of the health freaks is now making inroads as a prefe­r­r­ed dish. Having cornflakes is is also considered wholesome as it is a good mix of fibre, minerals and vitamins.

Usually eaten with milk, bananas or some other kind of fruit, milled corn is the main ingredient in cornflakes. They are a crispy flat cereal that has been a fav­o­u­r­ite cereal for years now.

There is a limited amount of sugar in them and that is the reason they have less calories. Cornflakes are also low in fat content making them a very good breakfast choice.

Dietician Akshita Aggarwal too says that having cornflakes is very good rather than having high calorie parathas. “Having cornflakes is very convenient, you just have to heat milk and add the flakes. It is less time-consuming and easy to digest. Anyone from children to elders, can have cornflakes.”

Almonds and honey added to the flakes also give you a different option for breakfast, – not to mention its nutritious too. More and more brands have also begun offering corn flakes coated with real honey and tossed with almonds as a varient in this category.

Shruti Mishra, a software developer in a private firm says that she is ‘addicted’ to cornflakes. “I have been having cornflakes for the past 15 years because I love milk and cornflakes. It has less calories and fills your stomach too and I often add bananas and dry fruits to them.”

Smriti Krishna, a Std IX student enjoys cornflakes everyday before going to school. “I love having cornflakes and that is why I have them each day. I have it plain - without any toppings of fruit. I just add a spoonful of sugar to it. It has been a ritual for the last two years now.”

Cornflakes have the goodness of real corn, iron and essential vitamins including A, C and B-group vitamins.