White to rule, come Spring Summer

White to rule, come Spring Summer

As the WIFW moves ahead, the designers get more funky and designs more elaborate. Guess what’s buzzing? The ramps were white (metaphorically) for most of the designers explored the colour in a variety of ways.

The day kicked off with shows by Abhi Singh, Prerna Bharadwaj, Preeti Jhanwar and Rahul Singh. Actress Tannishtha Chatterjee walked the ramp in a glamorous outfit for Rahul Singh’s show titled Shibori which was painted in hues of summer and spring.

Abhi Singh’s collection saw bright colours on the ramp which were an amalgamation of innovative crafts and refined textures inspired by monolithic skyscrapers. While Preeti Jhawer’s collection featured garments ranging from dresses to ghagras and waist jackets, with warm tones of yellow and pink and orange, Prerna Bharadwaj’s collection titled ‘Evolution of Thought’ depicted coined textures, mixing of colours, random drapes and flowy silhouettes and had Hasleen Kaur, Miss India World 2011, walking for her.

As the day progressed, pret was encouraged by Aneeth Arora whose show titled Pero began the unusual way where models walked the ramp together and sat down to enjoy a meeting. The dresses were so impressive that they could make girl fall for them. Models dressed in denim jackets paired with white dresses and frilled caps were the most praised. This was combined by Vineet Bahl’s show inspired by his stay in Morocco and had influences of striking Moroccon lace and embroidery technique called ‘counching’.

The young duo, Gauri and Nainika showcased exquisite black and white creations in My Fair Lady which evoked feeling of romantic nostalgia with bold ruffles and intricate textures. In contrast to this, Malini Ramani’s show had a dramatic beginning with a martial artist which was followed by her collection titled ‘Rockstar Meets Indian Princess’ showcased by supermodels Jesse Randhawa and Laxmi donning Moroccon inspired kaftans.

Ashish N Soni went a step ahead to show how cells look under a microscope and called his inspiration ‘Cytology- The Micro Lab’ which had bold use of prints. “I look at life in a very scientific manner. For this collection, we had to take written permission from labs for certain viruses so that we could create them on garments,” stated Soni after the show.

And finally came Ranna Gill’s show presented by Fiama Di Wills. The show began with an aerial act which was followed by garments in pastels inspired by a melange of exotic flora and fauna that gave a fresh look to the ramp.