Matter of shooting unusual in mundane

Matter of shooting unusual in mundane

Everyday day we come across a lot many things to which we hardly pay our attention, like a normal switchboard, a dead animal, a very old suitcase and even an ironed shirt on a hanger. Can somebody really imagine a story behind this?  ‘Matter’ a new series of work by ace photographer Bharat Sikka throws light on teh mundane which represents the search of urban India for its identity.

“The photography exhibition is a visual record of many things that have come in my way. I have photographed the ordinary, the dead and alive and all those images that we come across each day. These photographs not only determine the state of my mind but also the way I perceive my surroundings. Many photographs have a story but many are without too.  While clicking images I make notes and write about the stories in my mind,” says Sikka.

Sikka who has won awards on his earlier series like ‘Indian Men’ and ‘Space In-Between’ has remained true to his trademark of representing life in urban India. Using monochromatic tones of blacks, greys, whites and silvers, Bharat has tried to capture moments of sheer energy. If some of his pictures capture an intense moment between a couple; there are other sensuous portraits of young men and women which reflect brooding and alienation.

Bharat has captured different segments of society - often including the two extremes. Both slum dwellers and the urban elite are part of his frames. “In one of the portraits I have tried to collect the zeal of a rock artist while in other picture with swings I have tried to represent the enthusiasm when we see the preparation of a carnival.”

Sikka has also pitted natural against the artificial, like Himalayas covered with snow resemble folds and creases of a plastic sheet while masked figures are contrasted with the portraits of innocent youth.

Sikka says it is easy to click beautiful pictures with amazing backdrops but to photograph something we encounter each day requires tremendous effort. What made the exhibition more interesting was the way in which photographs have been displayed. Going with an unusual style of arranging the frames, Sikka has tried to make the exhibition interesting and creative.  “The photographs have been arranged in such a way that the pictures depicting the normal things are highlighted beautifully.  Photographs depicting alienation or the same emotion have arranged next to each other while the others have been arranged to make them look interesting,” says Sikka.

The exhibition is open for all  till October 27 at Gallery Nature Morte, Neeti Bagh..