Women take to bigger cars

Women take to bigger cars

It feels good when we see women in top positions or doing and achieving things leaving the men behind. Now with the base established well, women are able to go out into the world, prepared to handle any challenges with skills, confidence and grace. Also, they are the ones who come to the forefront and become agents of peace and positive social change for themselves, their families, other women and society at large.

In short, women are more empowered, financially more independent of their male partners. According to a recent survey by Vuclip, a mobile video search and delivery company, 39 per cent of respondents out of nearly two lakh people were women who had a budget of more than Rs 10 lakh as compared to only 31 per cent of men, when it came to buying a car. This is indicative, said the survey, that women are getting ahead of men when it comes to being automobile savvy.

Cost is the most important factor in four-wheeler purchase decisions and people follow the value, brand, engine and looks too. Deepak Singh, senior sales consultant in Concept Hyundai, says it is due to the increasing money power that more women are opting for cars. “Women generally go for attractive cars which have new looks and are fuel-efficient too. We are getting more women buyers now as they have become more independent and are economically stable too and can afford to buy a car for themselves without depending on their partners.”

A young car owner Hina Upadhaya, working as a social worker who just bought a car herself says, “I felt really good when my brother or parents did not give a single penny to buy my car. I bought a Maruti Swift and my brother has an Alto, which is cheaper. I felt really proud that being a girl I could buy the car myself.”

The survey which was conducted between September 5-13 also found out that 37 per cent people plan to buy a car in the next six months and 54 per cent plan to buy in the next one year. The IT head in Competent Automobiles, Badrinath Srinivasan seconds Deepak, “We have nearly 10-15 per cent increase in the number of women buying cars. They get good money, have better jobs, they are independent and that is why they are buying more cars. It is good, you see!”