Kejriwal making allegations 'out of hat' for publicity: DLF

Kejriwal making allegations 'out of hat' for publicity: DLF

Rejecting Arvind Kejriwal's allegations that DLF favoured Robert Vadra, the realty major has said that the social activist-turned politician was making these charges "out of hat" to gain publicity.

Kejriwal has alleged that DLF gave interest free unsecured loan of Rs 65 crore to Robert Vadra's companies and also sold properties to him at throw-away price. He has charged that the Haryana government favoured DLF by allottment of land.

"These are some of the allegations coming out of the hat. Everyone wants to be popular so how to beome popular. He (Kejriwal) is a politician today. He has become like any other politician just going on throwing mud without even realising whether it is adding value or not," DLF Commercial Developers Managing Director Ramesh Sanka told PTI here when asked about the allegations by activist.

Sanka, who was earlier group Chief Financial Officer, noted that in the realty business it was a normal practice to give advances to land owners for buying the land.

"He (Kejriwal) is talking about Rs 65 crore. He is even questioning that will you give advances and keep it for two years, so the answer is yes," the DLF official said.
Sanka said the company had disclosed in its IPO document about the thousand of crores advances that the company has given for buying land.

Refuting the charges by Kejriwal, Sanka said: "I was the group CFO and I was filing the compliance certificate. Come anything under the world no body can get me signed a non-compliance deal. Once I have signed it, let 10 Kejriwals come they cannot find fault that much confidence I have".

Last week, DLF had issued a statement refuting allegations that it had given unsecured loans to Vadra as a 'quid pro quo' for favours and said it had transparent dealing with him as an individual entrepreneur.

The company had said it gave Rs 65 crore as "business advances" out of which Rs 15 crore was fully refunded and Rs 50 crore was used for purchase of land. It had also dismissed the charge that the company sold properties to Vadra and his companies at a throwaway price.