HC looking into 500 petitions against judicial officers: CJ

HC looking into 500 petitions against judicial officers: CJ

Issuing a stern warning against corruption in judiciary, Madras High Court Chief Justice M Y Eqbal today said 500 petitions against judicial officers were under the court's scrutiny and anyone coming under a cloud should better quit.

In a candid talk while administering oath of office to the newly appointed civil judges, he said the common opinion of general public was not appreciative and Judicial officers are also equally blamed along with any other government servants.

"At present there are about 500 petitions under the scrutiny of High Court as against about 900 judicial officers working now. In all the complaints we are not taking drastic action of suspension or removal from service, but we will be keeping a watch of all the petitions received," he said.

Warning that the higher judiciary would be compelled to take drastic action of suspending the judicial officer if it continued to receive petitions, he pointed out to the recent case of Ramanathapuram District Judge, suspended on five counts, including corruption and sleeping during hearings.

"If we receive petitions continuously, then we will be compelled to take the drastic action of suspending the Judicial Officer, whether they are at the higher level in the cadre of District Judge or lower level in the cadre of Civil Judge Junior division," the Chief Justice said.

There were complaints about some judicial officers of the last batch which were being carefully scrutinised, he said.

Observing that judiciary is the last resort of an affected common man and every one looks upon a judicial officer with utmost respect and reverence, he said that respect and reverence must be kept up.

"If anybody raises a little finger against any judicial officer making allegation of corruption or favouritism, then it is better to quit the job and can resume practice again instead of continuing as judicial officer," he said.

"I have to say these harsh words because nowadays the common opinion of the general public is not appreciative. Judicial officers also are equally blamed along with any other government servants," he said.