Bellary zoo incident: An eye opener

A tiger biting off the forearm of a child at Bellary Zoo on October 9, 2012, is highly unfortunate and avoidable incident.

The incident was widely covered in the media and brought focus on the safety measures and action needed to be done to secure the safety of visitors in zoos. Media reports have highlighted the lapses and forced the managements to take necessary action.

One of the major English dailies mentioned the past incidents occurred in other major zoos including the Mysore Zoo. It was also mentioned that the tiger involved in the incident at Bellary Zoo was brought from Mysore Zoo in exchange of two one horned Rhinoceros. Mysore wishes to inform that the tiger involved in the incident was not from Mysore Zoo and Bellary Zoo never housed any Rhinoceros in its past to give animals on exchange basis, according to a release from the zoo executive director B P Ravi.

Mysore zoo expects a large crowd during Dasara holidays and request the visitors and parents/guardians of young children to keep a safe distance from animals, not to cross the barriers, not to feed animals, to keep a watch on their children. Young children with lot of curiosity and exposure to electronic media some time take a chance or two to mimic the activities seen or noticed on television may get exposed dangers inadvertently, he said in the release.

Animals in captivity are constantly exposed to visitors and thus have lost the element of surprise and fear of human being compared to animals in wild.

It is therefore all the more important to take enough precaution and avoid unnecessary things like throwing stones, teasing animals and feeding etc.

Zoo management takes this opportunity to inform the visitors that Mysore Zoo has ensured all the possible safety measures and welcome if there are any practical suggestions in the interest of its visitors. Suggestions could be sent to, said the release.

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