Sarojini Naidu's lost poems found, compiled in audio form

Sarojini Naidu's lost poems found, compiled in audio form

Some long-lost poems written by the 'Nightingale of India' Sarojini Naidu have now been located and compiled in an audio cassette by her family.

Released here today, "A Pilgrimage of Love" talks about the different dimensions of love and the poetess' inclination towards it.

Her grandson Abhijit Chattopadhyay, who brought out the album with recitation by acclaimed Bengali poets Subodh Sarkar and Sharmila Ray, told PTI that it took him two years of painstaking research in various libraries, old book shops and family archives to find the lost gems from Sarojini's repertoire.

The collection of 17 poems also includes recitation of some of her famous poems like 'The Poet to Death', 'Indian Weavers', 'Cradle Song', 'My Dead Dream', etc.The new-found poems have been clubbed under the section 'Day of Delight'.

These works talk of the importance of natural beauty and how without nature, even the poet will also get lost.

Other moods and themes vary from spiritual love to motherly dedication.A child prodigy, Sarojini's writing skills came to limelight after she wrote her first poem in her teenage days and followed it up with 'The Lady of the Lake', a 1300 lines long verse.

Widely read till date even in schools and colleges, some of her famous collection of poems include 'Golden Threshold', 'The Bird of Time' and 'The Broken Wings'.

Having Bengali roots, Sarojini was not only a first-rate poet of Indian English traditions but was also was the first Governor of Uttar Pradesh and the President of the Indian National Congress.