Mother jailed for 99 years for assaulting daughter

Mother jailed for 99 years for assaulting daughter

A US mother has been sentenced to 99 years in prison for cruelly beating her two-year-old daughter and gluing her hands to a wall, Xinhua reported.

Elizabeth Escalona, from the Texas city of Dallas, pleaded guilty in July to felony injury to a child, reported The Houston Chronicle.

The 23-year-old reportedly kicked her daughter Jocelyn Cedillo in the stomach, beat her with a milk jug, and then stuck her hands to an apartment wall with an adhesive.

The little girl suffered bleeding in her brain, a fractured rib, multiple bruises and bite marks, and was in a coma for a couple of days, doctors said.

State District Judge Larry Mitchell said the mother "savagely beat" her child and deserved to be punished.

Escalona's other children told investigators that their mother attacked the girl in September 2011 over potty training problems.