'Good researchers ask the right queries'

'Good researchers ask the right queries'

Appreciating the government’s efforts to support science and the drive for research among youngsters in the country, Nobel laureate Jules A Hoffman on Saturday exhorted students of science to train themselves to ask the right questions.

Speaking to a large gathering of youngsters after inaugurating a new science block at National College, Jayanagar, Hoffman explained how important good training was to arrive at the right questions. “To do good research, you have to ask good questions. You cannot do that if you do not have good training. For that you have to sit with your advisors and come up with questions,” he said.

Hoffman, who won the 2011 Nobel Prize for Physiology along with Bruce A Beutler for discoveries concerning the activation of innate immunity in insects, briefly explained his area of research. He and his team researched on insects, specifically the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, and how they developed resistance to infections.

Hoffman asked students not to stick to their own areas of research, but understand other fields as well. “You can never be a good biologist if you do not learn about chemistry and physics. You have to stay motivated. You have to be a little lucky and enthusiastic and love and live for your science,” Hoffman said.

The new block has eight science labs, 22 classrooms and basements. The block  has facilities such as wi-fi and 24-hour power back-up and is meant exclusively for first and second PU students.