Saudi man walks away with Jaipur Foot, his dignity back

Saudi man walks away with Jaipur Foot, his dignity back

Abdul Rahaman, a 49-year-old man from Saudi Arabia, who lost a part of the right leg below the knee in an accident is returning home happily with a Jaipur Foot, fitted.

Rahaman now exudes a renewed confidence as the artficial limb has not only provided him mobility, but dignity too.

Free of cost

The prosthetic was provided free of cost to the visitor.

Rahaman’s right leg was amputated after he met with an accident and since then he was feeling very depressed as it affected his mobility.

He was guided by rehabilitation agencies to get himself equipped with an artificial limb that costs a fortune.

Insurance companies were also ready to foot the bill for the expensive prosthetic made in western countries.

 But Rahaman, who had heard about the Jaipur Foot decided to fly to Jaipur and get himself the artificial limb.

He landed at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti’s (BMVSS) centre at Malviya Nagar where he was examined by a team of technicians led by O P Sharma.

It was instantly decided to equip him with the artificial limb.

The limb was designed and prepared in a day’s time and the next day, it was fitted.

To the great surprise of Rahaman, he could walk easily without any support.

“I had heard about the Jaipur Foot but came to know more about it after reaching the BMVSS centre.

The Jaipur Foot is a wonder prosthetic. It’s not only cheap but also durable and would suit conditions in Saudi Arabia, that is similar to India,” said a beaming Rahaman.

In March this year a boy from Muscat, Abdul Rajiq, was provided with a special prosthetic to help him walk. The prosthetic was designed by a technician in record time of just three days.

 The BMVSS centre gets disabled persons from Malaysia, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria and other countries.

The visitors are provided the limbs free of cost. It also hold camps abroad to provide prosthetics to the amputees.