Hoping to put technology to good use

Hoping to put technology to good use

Leading coach Peter Murphy speaks on his plans at his Bangalore academy

Peter Murphy instructing a ward at the Bangalore Golf Club on Saturday. DH Photo

Having worked personally with India’s Shiv Kapur and America’s Lindsey Wright, the 43-year-old Murphy flew down to Bangalore this month to set up an academy — the Peter Murphy Touche Golf Academy — at the Bangalore Golf Club. In a chat, Murphy explains the idea behind PMTGA and the joys of coaching.

What is so special about PMTGA?

We have different levels of instruction. We have the Motion Golf technology and coaches who can deal with various aspects of the game -- drivers, irons, putter and hitting -- and also changing grips on the club. Importantly, we have a mind coach to deal with mental aspects. Most parts a golfer would need -- physical, mental and his overall game from driving, pitching and putting -- are covered.

So how different is PMTGA from others?

The main difference is in the extensive use of technology.  Another important aspect is the training faculty. In my short stint, I have done extensive teaching for all the trainers at the academy so that every trainer at PMTGA will teach the way as I would do. Therefore a person at BGC should receive the same coaching as compared to someone in United States. All trainers will be personally certified by me.
You have been described by some as a tough tutor...

It’s probably my own expectations of the student, whom I want to do as well as much as they can. I always want to be the best that I can be -- as a teacher. And I want to instill the same philosophy in my students. Sometimes the process can take longer and that’s when I get tougher.

You have played golf as a professional. How did the switch to teaching happen?
A car accident in the 1990s injured my shoulder and took me out of the game for few months. Since I always wanted to be associated with golf, I had to quickly reassess on my further involvement. Fortunately, I have been around with some of the greatest golfers of modern times and have learnt a lot from them. I always wanted to share that information with others and becoming a teacher was a natural progression.

How big a role does mental side of the game play?

I think it plays a big role at a higher level than it does at the beginning stage. Beginners have no history of playing bad. Moreover as you climb higher, the level of competition increases. There is a world of difference playing on Sunday -- generally the final round -- as one in contention for the title than someone trying to make money for a living. The stress is enormous. I personally believe taking periodical breaks during tours keeps a player fresh longer.

How was the experience working with Hank Haney -- the coach of Tiger Woods?

It has been fantastic experience working along with Haney. Obviously he is more famously known as Tiger’s coach but his level of instructions is amazing and I try to use whatever I have learnt from him. I try to give my best for students.