Back to childhood days

Back to childhood days

When art can be so powerful that it takes you back to the earliest memories you can remember as a child, it is worth taking a look at. The Welcom Art Gallery at Windsor Manor is abuzz with the 16th solo exhibition ‘Age of Innocence’ by Bangalore-based artist, Jaya Javeri.

The essential qualities of textures, light and shadows have been given great thought to and some of the paintings actually seem to be coming out at you, while others pull you in.
“I love Jaya as an artist and have bought a few of her pieces. The projection of innocence came out very naturally in a beautiful way. I also liked how she shows women to be constantly evolving and moving,” says Sangamitra Singh, a visitor at the exhibition.

  The gallery was filled with art connoisseurs discussing her work and interacting with the artist herself, who is delighted at the response she has received so far. “It feels great that everything has fallen into place.

 A lot of people have come and told me that the paintings give them a feeling of actually going back to their childhood and getting happy thoughts. That’s what I intended and I’m glad that people can understand the art,” says Jaya Javeri, whose masterstrokes have earned her adoration and praise in plenty.

From the reds and oranges of the ‘Fire in the Sky’ collection to the extraordinary greens and yellows of ‘Hide and Seek’, each painting seems to reflect an inner state of mind that is visibly of a wanderer.

“She uses colour and light without compromise, which makes it a very bright and airy exhibition. Unlike with a lot of exhibitions that are dark and moody, this is very uplifting. But that’s a reflection of her personality because she is always jovial and happy,” says Dhruva Talwalkar, who was present at the exhibition. The exhibition is on at Welcom Art Gallery, ITC Windsor Manor till October 18, from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm.