Agro company MD jailed for cheque bounce

Agro company MD jailed for cheque bounce

A sessions court here has upheld the conviction and jail terms awarded to a managing director and a director of agro-products company by a trial court in seven separate cases of cheque bounce.

Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat dismissed the pleas of Gurnihal Singh Mann and S S Mann, Managing Director and Director respectively, of Sutlej Agricultural Pvt Ltd, while rejecting their argument that they were not given a fair trial and the sentence awarded to them was harsh.

“The argument that they were denied fair trial, deserves to be rejected. The conviction of appellants under section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act is hereby sustained.

“So far as sentence imposed upon them is concerned, I find that the trial court has been very reasonable and lenient in awarding the same. By no means can it be said that sentence is harsh or not commensurate with the guilt of appellants.

Resultantly, both appeals fail and are hereby dismissed. The appellants be taken into custody to serve the sentence imposed upon them,” the judge said. The trial court had awarded one year imprisonment to Gurnihal Singh Mann, while S S Mann was handed down jail term of one month as he is 90-year-old, in all the seven cases of cheque bounce.

It had also directed them to pay a compensation of Rs 2.07 crore to the complainant bank in favour of which the cheques had been issued by the appellants.