Revised Master Plan 2035 term reduced by four years

Revised Master Plan 2035 term reduced by four years

The grandiose plans of the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) to redraw the future of the City by inviting an expression of invitation for drawing the Revised Master Plan (RMP) or the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) 2035 have seen a significant change in the past few weeks.

The BDA has now revised the RMP 2035 to RMP 2031 to ensure that the planning for 2032 and beyond should take into consideration with the census which is conducted in the same year.

“Taking into account the fact that the census for the country and the City is held every 10 years, we decided to reduce the term of the RMP by four years,” said a senior BDA official.
According to the official, the BDA took the decision following suggestions from the citizenry.

“We received a lot of suggestions to ensure that the RMP ends with the census, which will help in relating the next planning with the future population growth of the City,” said the official.

The BDA has decided to only shorten the term for the RMP and has made no other specific changes to the planning of the City. “Currently, there are no other changes in the procedure to prepare the RMP 2031,” he said.

The BDA, meanwhile, will finalise the panel of agencies that prepare the RMP 2031. The BDA has already shortlisted nine firms after calling for pre-qualification tenders.

The Authority has asked the consultants to be “sensitive to the need to develop a liveable, economically and socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable, economically robust and innovative city and involve all key stakeholders, especially the poor and the vulnerable, in its vision, development and implementation.”