Rhino killed, forest guard injured in Kaziranga

Rhino killed, forest guard injured in Kaziranga

Yet another rhinoceros has been found dead in Kaziranga National Park in Assam and a forest guard injured in an exchange of fire with poachers in a separate incident in the sanctuary.

The carcass of a female rhino, with its horn removed, was found by forest guards near Difloo camp in Bagori range of the park, park officials said today.

This is the second instance of a rhinoceros death in the last two days. Poachers had killed one and removed its horns on Saturday in Sohola camp under Agratoli range of the ark.
Altogether 42 rhinos have fallen victim to poachers and floods this year.

Meanwhile, a fierce exchange of fire took place between a five-member forest guard patrol and poachers in Bagori range of the park last night in which a forest guard Riju Orang was injured. The poachers escaped, the officials said.

The guard was admitted to the Bokakhat health centre.