Men should wear purple to attract a partner

Men should wear purple to attract a partner

 Clothes make a man! Men who are unlucky in love should wear purple to help attract a partner, a new study has claimed. A poll of 2,000 people found women are more likely accept a date from men wearing purple.

Researchers surveyed the attitudes of men and women on their partner’s choice of clothes and their thoughts on “dating deal-breakers”.

The survey found that a right choice on the fashion front could mean successfully getting a date while the wrong will often mean sure defeat, especially if you’re a man. More than a quarter of women, 28 per cent, admitted they have declined a date with someone because they hated their clothes, while only 14 per cent of male respondents were so picky, the Daily Mail reported.

Women felt so strongly about a man’s dress sense that 60 per cent said clothes are the top dating deal breaker, followed in second place by a suitor’s haircut, 17 per cent, and style of shoes, nine per cent.

Results also showed men stood more of a chance with the ladies if they wear purple, with more than a third, 36 per cent, accepting a date from a man dressed in a purple shirt.

The next most desirable colour was the smart ‘milk tray man’ look, favoured by in 32 per cent of women, followed by the classic crisp white shirt with 13 per cent. Wearing blue or pink is likely to leave men going home alone, taking just 11 per cent and 6 per cent of the votes.

Even if men past the first test, at least a quarter of women are still plotting a wardrobe overhaul, with 25 per cent admitting they think there is room for improvement in their partner’s dress sense.

One in 20 admit they dictate their partner’s style when they leave the house. However, sometimes to their partner’s dismay, at least 25 per cent of men won’t seek anyone else’s opinion on what they choose to wear for a night out.

About 31 per cent of women admit to having no qualms in demanding their partner changes their clothes.

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