154 Pakistani lawmakers suspended for not declaring assets

154 Pakistani lawmakers suspended for not declaring assets

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Monday temporarily suspended the membership of 154 federal and provincial lawmakers for failing to submit details of their assets and liabilities.

Those suspended include 31 members of the National Assembly - the lower house - and eight members of the Senate or upper house, as well as 115 members of the four provincial assemblies, Xinhua reported.

The ECP said the lawmakers will remain suspended until they submit their declarations.
All the suspended lawmakers have been stopped from working with immediate effect.
"Suspended members cannot attend proceedings of their respective houses and cannot vote for any legislation," the ECP said.

The constitution of Pakistan binds every member of provincial and national assemblies to file details of his/her and his/her dependents' assets by Sep 30 every year.

According to the law, the ECP has to issue a notification of suspension Oct 15, barring the members from taking part in proceedings of their respective houses.

In 2011, the membership of 222 lawmakers were suspended due to the same reason. They were later reinstated after the submission of the required assets details.